Automated Visual Regression Testing with AI | Superadmin

A better way to visual test

See how our solution rapidly improves regression testing for teams, frees up developer assets and reduces bugs from reaching production.

Enhanced metrics

A dashboard with easy to understand metrics about your tests, schedules, projects and regressions. Superadmin gives developers super powers with advanced ML/AI that accurately performs visual testing so you can be ensured your tests passed when you commit.

Stay on top of visual testing

Superadmins Chrome Extension makes it easy to create simple visual automation tests. Use actions such as Goto url, Click, Input, Wait, and then schedule your tests. Setup takes less than 5 minutes.

Better understand visual tests

Preview your visual tests quickly and easily right in the browser window you're working in. Once you're done, changes are automatically saved into your Accounts projects. You can login to the dashboard to schedule periodic testing.

Collaboration Unlocked

Work directly across teams, disciplines and projects to sync directly on core issues and bugs that arise. Sync with your favorite project management tools.