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Visual Tests

Projects store a group of visual tests. There are two types of tests. Route Tests, and Visual Automations.

Route Tests

Route tests are simple to setup and maintain, just requiring the URL for the page to load. The test runner will load the page, wait until the page is loaded and take a snapshot. This will then get checked against the previous approved version for any major changes.


Tests start out with no baselines. You'll want to run the test runner, where it will detect no baseline exists and create one. After which point setup is complete, and you'll need to approve changes to set new baselines.

Visual Automations

Visual Automations are setup and configured through the Superadmin Chrome Extension. You'll need to open Dev Tools inside of Google Chrome to access the Test Editor.

Visual Automations let you make changes on a page, such as typing text or clicking a button. And then comparing a snapshot. This can be helpful for dynamic pages or testing multiple states of a page.

To get started you'll need to install the Chrome Extension and be signed into your Superadmin Dashboard in Google Chrome. Learn More