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Chrome Extension Usage

To start create a New Test.

Currently the extension supports 5 major actions.

Panel Actions

You can click any of them to add actions. Typically you would start with a Goto action and end with a Check action.

Action Types

GotoOpens the page the test starts at.
ClickClicks an element
InputInputs text into a textbox (optionally hitting the enter key after to submit a form)
WaitWaits a specified period of time.
CheckRun the browser validation when run in the cloud to check against previous baselines.

Action Options

Once you add actions, you can specify more options for any of them, or remove them by clicking the 3 vertical dots menu on the right side.

Actions Menu

The various options available will depend on the action type.

Save Action

Make sure to save your changes using the Save button.

Actions Save

Select Element

If an action works on an Element in the page such as Click or Input. You're given the option to Select Element which will open the Chrome debugger and allow you to highlight/select elements on the page.

Actions Save

Once you've selected an element the action is automatically saved with a selector suitable. If no element was selected, the element may not have any attributes such as id, name, class, href for it to find the element. In this case you may need to change the element code to given it more description or set another selector, which you can do in the options.

Once ready you can hit Run and preview the test.