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Browser Testing Orchestration, Solved

Superadmin is the easiest way for teams to get setup with visual browser testing quickly, and orchestrate massively parallel tests with private infrastructure.

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Ship code with confidence.No-Code Visual Automation Testing.

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Blazing Fast Parallel Testing

Our test orchestration is massively parallel, running up to 100,000 tests in parallel and giving you results almost instantly. Don't wait on long test runs anymore.

We process way more tests in less time.

How It Works

Execution in Your Cloud,
Orchestration in Ours

We support running tests in your cloud or in ours. Simply connect your AWS account to keep all tests running in your private infrastructure. Your code never leaves your servers.

Step 1 - Build

Build Your Test

Design and build visual regression tests with our all-in-one Superbrowser Desktop app.

Step 2 - Deploy

Register your tests

Send metadata (but never code!) to Superadmin in order to register your tests for scheduling and execution.

Step 3 - Run

Run the tests

Test runs are executed on your private infrastructure, keeping data secure. Results are sent to Superadmin as metadata.

Step 4 - Monitor

Monitor and Manage

Use Superadmin to monitor all of your tests, get alerts for when things break automatically.

Visual Testing AI

Say goodbye to false detections with legacy pixel diffs. Our advanced AI algorithms detect changes accurately.

No-Code SolutionNo-Code Testingfor the whole team.

Superadmin is QA Automation Testing for the whole team. Collaborate on No-code workflows that anyone can access, adjust, and verify.

Demo VideoSetup and get testingin minutes not days.

Superadmin's Chrome Extension and Desktop App make it easy to get started with testing. Once you've setup your tests deploy right away or bring your cloud for added privacy and security.

Visual Automation Testing

Everything you need to manage your entire dev cycle

Superadmin renders your app and alerts you if there's been any changes. Check for regressions, automate visual tests, and more.

Easy to use

It takes just 2 minutes to get a visual test published. No code required.

Secure & Private

All your data is securely encrypted and stored with bank level security.

Simple Alerts

Get notified before something breaks in production, not after.


No code means no code to manage. Easy for the entire team to manage the project.

Powerful Settings

All the advanced features including multiple browser sizes and targets you need.

Well designed interface

Simple and easy to use delightful interface for the entire team.

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